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the disintegration of the human spirit.

disenchanting the romantic

Self Destruction
19 April
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It's amazing to me peeking out around the clich?s about love: "Love is all you need," "Love will keep us together," "Love is blind," to discover that it's the real love: the sometimes grief stricken, sometimes argument inducing, sometimes storming off into separate corners, sometimes wondering about your fate together love is the love that's redeeming me. It's an ugly little animal you rescued from the street, who needs a lot of attention, but once you feed it and give it a bath and pet its head, you witness a beautiful rebirth and you gain trust and you find a loyal friend.


This was love at first sight, love everlasting: a feeling unknown, unhoped for, unexpected-in so far as it could be a matter of conscious awareness; it took entire possession of him, and he understood, with joyous amazement, that this was for life.

-Thomas Mann

And I write this to you my dear
For your eyes alone
I'm out of heart and these tanks are low
So cast your days to flame
and set your phoenix to flight
Let her turn to ash
among these fluorescent lights
Let your love drift deeper
let her wings catch the sky
Just remember my name, girl
and remember what died

The gift of memory is an awful curse,
with age it just gets much worse.

But I won't mind.

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