Self Destruction (endofsanity) wrote,
Self Destruction

Quite possibly my last post ever...

So a lot has changed with me over the past couple months since I last updated this thing. I'm not really sure where to start so I'll just pick one and go from there.

I'm buying a home. I signed all of the loan paperwork today, and I close on June 1st. It's a nice 1850sq ft condo in East Windsor (Approximately here) Closing is on June 1st and I'm quite excited. NO MORE RENTING!! It's got a finished basement, central air/hear, 1.5 bath, all new appliances. I'm pleased.

I have a girlfriend. I signed all of the paperwork today, and she arrives here from Russia on June 1st. no no no no, not really. Her name is Stephanie and we met about 2 years ago when she was going to Conn College (the more embarrassing story involves myspace but I won't mention that). She currently lives in Brooklyn but I think she may have plans to eventually move back this way. We'll see what happens :) So far, things are A M A Z I N G. So there!

I have some Jack Daniels. And I am getting drunk. (short story)

So this is probably my last post. I read back on a lot of what I've written here, and well, it was a different me at the time... filled with a lot of anger, alcohol, drugs, and bitterness. It's served its purpose but it's time to move on. I'll probably end up updating my myspace or facebook profile more, but I think this may be at an end. If anyone on here really wants to get in touch with me, I can be reached at
this email.

Thanks all. It's been fun!

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