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oh man GAY

I'm calling this entry gay because my last post was about hanging out with krizteen and now this entry is about hanging out with krizteen this weekend. YOU THINK I MIGHT LIKE THIS GIRL OR SOMETHING. So anyway, I drove out to visit K-teen and meet her roommate Linds. Lindsay is absolutely insane, but in a tiny cute kinda way. However she is way obsessed with pooping (but we all secretly are so its ok). I also met Rhosie and Eleanor ZOMG CUTE PUPS. They totally loved on me and had a shed fest all over my shirts but i didnt mind. We (not including the pups) went to Boston and walkkkkked and walkkkkked. I was looking forward to margaritas with dinner but these 2 girls got all whiney and tired so we peaced out but only after watching the troupe of dancing kunta kinte's. It was a fun time AND I CANT WAIT TILL WE DO IT AGAIN.

Hopefully I'll be having some sorta get together soon at my place. I can't really call it a party because I don't think that many people will fit, plus i'd imagine it would be kinda boring until I get the place situated and have enough people to invite over. But then again if i'm fully stocked up on booze the party will make itself. plus there might be conflicting hos at the place who all WANT A PIECE and they may have fight it out. PSHHH. :(

shit i need to go to bed work in the morning ughhhhhhhhhhHHH.
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