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holy hurrrrrrrrrrr

so i just came back from a "date". i use that term loosely because who i went out with has been like my secret love for ... 6 years or so? HOLLA krizteen!! o_O

so i drove ALL THE WAY TO RHODE ISLAND (only like 50 mins) and met her at her place( which is cute, but her roommate totally got boned on the smaller room) and we took for for BALD HILL (wtf). There are tons of mall attractions and resturants, so we went to eat at Olive Garden. HOLY SHIT they give you tons of food. HUGE ASS SALAD and tons o bread sticks. it was quite the meal. Then we went off to the movies to watch Pirates2. Awesomes movie by the way. Then wtf, it was like midnight and we're old people and got tired. So off I went back home, but only after being LIKE THE HAPPIEST DUDE EVER! seriously, long lost love for the winz!! no really, i was smiling like this:

^______________________________^ <-- phat smilez
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